Cork Tiles Brisbane Gold Coast

Not sure what you need when it comes to cork tiles? Ask the experts. Centenary Cork has been supplying and installing cork floor tiles since 1995. We only work with the best quality materials. You can rest assured your new cork floor will last for years to come. Whether it is in your home or office.

Simply let us know where you would like your new cork floor to be laid and we will do the rest. We travel to all SE QLD locations and are happy to meet onsite to provide you with a detailed assessment and competitive pricing.

CORK TILES - Traditional Cork tiles come in different sizes, 305mm x 305mm x 6mm , or 300mm x 300mm x 6mm and  Designer Range cork tiles size 300mm x 300mm x 4mm, all cork tiles laid are adhesive backed.

PRIMERS AND ADHESIVES - Only recommended Primers and cork tile adhesives used for installations.

POLYURETHANES -  Centenary Cork supplies an extensive range of water based and solvent based Polyurethane finishes of either Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Satin Finish of your choice. 

FLOOR LEVELING COMPOUNDS - Ardit , K15 , Feather finish, builders putty,  are some componds used to smooth out any expansion joints, holes,etc in the sub floor

MASONITE UNDERLAY - Hardboard underlay is recommended if cork tiles are being laid on a strip timber sub floor.